Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Coatings Association's PaintPAC?
The PaintPAC is a voluntary nonpartisan political action committee established to make contributions to political candidates at the federal, state and local level. Such contributions would help political candidates that are supportive of the industry’s views on business and industry-related issues.

Who pays the cost of running the PaintPAC?
The operating expenditures will be defrayed by ACA, thus 100% of contributions will go to worthy candidates.

Who manages the PaintPAC?
A PAC director, who is a member of the ACA staff, manages the PAC on a daily basis. A PAC Steering Committee, comprised of senior executives from ACA member companies is responsible for all PAC policy matters, including decisions regarding contributions. The PAC has a permanent treasurer who is also a member of the ACA staff.

How does the PaintPAC select candidates to support?
The PaintPAC Steering Committee will work in a consensus fashion to determine which candidates to support. Some of the guidelines that will be used include:

  • A candidate’s commitment to improving business and understanding of the challenges facing the paint industry;
  • Voting record and positions on issues impacting the paint industry;
  • Committee assignments and leadership role;
  • Campaign finance needs and election prospects;
  • Presence of paint industry facilities, employees or economic activity;
  • A candidate’s character, integrity and leadership abilities.

Are ACA members or their employees required to join the PaintPAC?
No. PaintPAC participation is strictly voluntary.

Who is eligible to participate in the PaintPAC?
The executive and administrative staff of ACA member companies, member company stockholders, and the association’s executive and professional staff are eligible to participate in the PAC. ACA members must give the PaintPAC permission to solicit contributions from their employees. All contributions to the PAC must be personal; federal election laws strictly forbid corporate contributions. Each eligible contributor may give the PAC up to $5,000 each year.

ACA member companies, on an annual basis, may give only one trade association permission to solicit its employees.

Who is considered executive and administrative personnel?
Executive and administrative personnel include employees who are paid on a salary (rather than hourly) basis and who have policymaking, managerial, professional or
supervisory responsibilities.

How do member companies authorize PaintPAC to solicit their executive and administrative personnel?
The chief executive or other designated executive contact may authorize ACA to solicit their executive and administrative personnel. For more information please contact: ACA PaintPAC, 1500 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20005 or fax it to (202) 462-8549.

Are there income tax deductions for contributors?
Unfortunately, PAC contributions are not tax deductible.

How will you know what the PaintPAC Steering Committee is doing?
ACA will periodically issue a PaintPAC newsletter to keep PAC members abreast of recent developments and current activities as well as update this site.

Who should you contact if you have a suggestion or questions?
Any questions may be submitted to PaintPAC Director, Heidi McAuliffe, 1500 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20005 or call (202) 462-6272.